National Waitstaff Day at Ropewalk® in Bethany Beach

National Waitstaff Day is coming up on May 21 and we are ready to celebrate our employees. At Ropewalk, we love showing our servers and bartenders appreciation. Come in and enjoy a meal and drink with us in Bethany Beach. While you’re here, take some time to recognize the hard work of our employees every day to provide the best service for all of our guests.

Check out some of our top tips on how to show appreciation for your server or bartender the next time you visit our beach town restaurant.

Ways to Show Your Server/Bartender Appreciation

  • Be Kind

Our employees are people too! It’s not always easy working in customer service. Your servers and bartenders at Ropewalk will always be kind and considerate to you so we ask for you to do the same. A positive attitude can brighten up your server’s day!

  • Take a Moment to Thank Them

It’s nice to be recognized for a job well done. If your Ropewalk server or bartender is doing an outstanding job, take a moment to let them know. Verbal acknowledgment of appreciation is always good to hear!

  • Make Sure to Tip!

At any restaurant or bar, tipping is a form of respect and support for the servers. If you can afford to eat out, you can afford to tip whoever had the pleasure of serving you. The average tip should be around 20% of the entire bill.

  • Come See Us Again!

With an awesome location in Bethany Beach, delicious food options, cocktails, and incredible service, come back and see us whenever you’re in town! Our waitstaff has earned a quality reputation so don’t be shy to dine with us and invite your friends.

Our Ropewalk employees are the best of the best. Help us show them how much we appreciate everything they do on this national holiday and every day! 

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