The History of Ropewalk Bethany

If you’re spending the summer visiting our charming coastal town, Bethany Beach, stop into Ropewalk for delicious cuisine and cocktails. Bethany is a beautiful beach town where you can always find local events, beaches, and stunning views. Make Ropewalk Bethany Beach part of your summer tradition!

Legacy of Ropewalk Restaurants Starting in Baltimore

Interested in the long standing history of our restaurant? Ropewalk started with Marc Fisher and his brother Bill taking a chance on buying a bar in Baltimore’s historic neighborhood, Federal Hill. The business risk paid off, and the Ropewalk legacy continues to grow.

Historical Roots

The name for Ropewalk is a nod to the history of the building, specifically the space next door known as “Ropewalk Alley.” Historically, this location was used to twine rope used for ships. The respect for American history remains and is widely known for the iconic Ronald Reagan bust first seen at Ropewalk’s Baltimore location.


The owners began expanding the Ropewalk family in 2005 after Chris Reda, a frequent customer, and friend, joined Marc and brought his real estate and development background to the team. Together, they have opened over a dozen business ventures, including Ropewalk Fenwick Island Oyster House. In 2015 Steve Murphy joined the team, and Ropewalk® Ocean City was born. Then, as you might have guessed, came Ropewalk Bethany!


Ropewalk Bethany opened in 2018 and maintains the original vision to provide the freshest ingredients, like seafood, meats, poultry, and local produce, in a comfortable setting. Ropewalk Bethany offers a laid-back atmosphere, stunning views, and a tasty menu. Our featured “Liberty Oysters” are locally sourced from our private oyster beds on the Chesapeake Bay and make perfect oyster shooters. Our unique décor is perfect for the whole family or an intimate dining experience. Enjoy the ocean view and indulge in lunch, dinner, and happy hour options!

While the number of restaurants has grown, Ropewalk Bethany is part of a legacy of restaurants. It is widely known as a family, seafood, and resort destination venue. Are you excited yet? We sure are, and we can’t wait to see you all at Ropewalk Bethany to celebrate the 4th of July together!